Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Griff Rhys Jones and Anger Management

I felt obliged to watch the second part of Losing It with Griff Rhys Jones on the BBC. Like him, I want to manage my anger. I'm not sure I share a lot in common with Griff - for example, he is a successful multi-millionaire TV personality who can pick and choose his life and whether or not to work, whereas I spend too many hours a day with mixed-up kids and wind-up specialists.

Apart from converting to Buddhism (which does appeal, but I think I like shopping too much), one of the other solutions is to keep a log of which situations spark off feelings of anger. Well, hello, here it is; I've been doing it for five and a half years now and the anger hasn't really subsided... next idea please!

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Anonymous said...


I used to get angry with pretty much everything. It was a total nightmare. I started doing a bit of meditation about 5 years ago, which amounted to about 5 minutes a day. I did find that it started to take the edge off of the unpleasant feelings and the anger that I was expeiencing, after a three or four weeks. Five years later, and I have seen more and more clearly that anger comes from the mind, and can actually be controlled quite nicely.

I think that many people think that one has to have some sort of unshakable belief in Buddha in order to do even something simple, like breathing meditation. I noticed that Griff Rhys Jones tried it for a few minutes, then dismissed it because he felt that he had no faith in Buddha. I thought that this was throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Anyway, breathing meditation, and the other Buddhist meditations have changed my life around, and I got more than i ever bargained for. The secret really is to just try them and see how you feel. No blind faith necessary!

Hope this helps.