Thursday 16 October 2008

Ladies' man

Every now and again I happen to teach a boy who, in the old days, would have been called "sensitive", but in this more enlightened day and age is simply known as "gay". The boy may or may not know he's gay yet; it's not my place to ask or interfere, but merely observe and perhaps write about it on here.

I teach one such boy at the moment, and very effervescent and likeable he is too. He is a chatterbox though. At Parents' Evening this week I mentioned his chattering to his mother, who then wanted to know who he sat by. I reeled off a list of names, all of whom are female. I had to chuckle when his mother nodded sagely.

"Oh yes," she added, with a hint of pride. "He's very popular with the girls."

It was hard not to laugh. There she was, thinking her son is super-stud of the year group, when all I can think of is him prancing about with his gal-pals discussing who's wearing what on Saturday night out.



Anonymous said...

There's one of those in year 9 at my school - he's an odd boy.

Steve said...

I think gaydar deosn't work for some parents and thankfully not for most teens until they reach a certain age... hopefully this will protect him until he's old and able enough to figure out who he is himself.

Anonymous said...

I teach just such a boy too.
There is no gaydar in Japan though, no need, no gays!!
It's a 'foreign' illness.