Friday, 13 March 2009

Management here I come?!

Well, not really, but this did make me laugh when I read it in a mail-out: the government is to introduce a new 'Accelerate to Headship scheme' in September 2010, offering 'up to 200 outstanding individuals' a fast-track pathway to senior leadership. The reason for this? They realise that in a couple of years everyone will have wised up and realised the utter stress of running a school in this day and age is just not worth the salary, criticism and future heart attacks.


Victoria Westcott said...

Classic. ;-)
I just found your blog & am so pleased to read it! I tried to order a copy of your book here in Canada, but it's not available yet. I will one day though. Thanks for writing!

Ranting Teacher said...

And thanks for reading! :-D