Monday, 4 May 2009

Pandemic panic

It's been a lovely long weekend, in spite of the typical bank holiday grey gloom today, and a well deserved rest - after all, it's been a good two weeks since the last holidays. And still three weeks until the next break.

So you can understand why, when I sit here watching the 10 O'clock News and there's mention of schools closing because of this swine flu panic, my ears prick up and I rack my brains to think of any kids I teach who have just been on exotic holidays. Now it seems that this flu isn't as serious as first thought, wouldn't just a hint of it be a great excuse to "work from home" instead of going into work tomorrow? I have been sneezing quite a bit today, and confined myself to the house, eating chocolate to keep my strength up, and keeping my pyjamas on in case I've needed to take to my bed all of a sudden.

Oh, and a day off would give me the chance to catch up with all the marking I should've done today...


Fran Hill said...

I have around sixty essays due in for marking in the next couple of days. I think an impromptu school trip to Mexico City is in order and will suggest it in staff briefing tomorrow.

StupidityContainmentFieldCompromised said...

Fran, if you can get all of the problem kids (and teachers !) on it, make it a one-way trip !!