Sunday, 7 June 2009

Foolish fools?

I live in a shroud of paranoia. Don't get me wrong - I am very dedicated to being a good teacher because I believe educating our young citizens is one of the most important responsibilities in our society. But I do rant about the daily grind of what can be, at times, a difficult job - made even more difficult by poor attitudes, lack of resources and annoying colleagues and bosses. And at no point would I ever want to cause any embarrassment to those I work with.

So it's quite hard for me to get my head round the idiocy of two teachers recently who have made the news for their own brazenness.

The first is:
An English teacher at a West Yorkshire school has been dismissed for writing a book involving underage drinking, hints of drug use and "pupil fantasies".

And the second is:
Scottish teacher in trouble for tweeting about her pupils – and criticising the head


StupidityContainmentFieldCompromised said...

There's nothing brazen about it - they were just bloody stupid, plain and simple.

The Englishman said...

I hear you and I feel your pain1 It's just the same for teachers in Asia, too.

Julie said...

I understand freedom ofspeech and everything, but writing a book about drugs, drinking, and "student fantasies" that lists names of students, other teachers, and your boss is not a very smart thing to do. I guess she better hope that book can make money because it might be hard for her to get a job again, regardless of what kind of teacher she is.