Thursday, 11 June 2009


However twee all this Twitter language is, I'm enjoying tweeting about on Twitter (see - annoying and cloying all at once!) If you're on Twitter and are an educationalist or sympathiser, then do join the Tweecher twibe (I know, I know...). You will find it at:

It's actually really inspiring to be in contact (via 140 character updates) with teachers who are so dedicated to putting ICT to fantastic use. And also hilarious to know that while I'm procrastinating over marking by arsing about online, there are others doing exactly the same. Plus there are journalists posting links to education-related news stories as they break. A fully rounded experience on a flat screen!

I will post some of my tweets (arghh! the twerminology!) on here at some point soon, but until then, get on over there!


Ray P said...

You seem to be a teacher with passionate opinions about the state of education, which is admirable.

If you're interested in keeping up to date with education news and resources, visit my blog at

Northern Teacher said...

Hey, Ranting Teacher
Are you coming back?
I gave up on Twitter but I miss your blog. Hope it wasn't something I typed :-)