Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Extreme Pilgrim

There's a programme on BBC TV at the moment called Extreme Pilgrim. It's been fascinating viewing. The idea is that an English vicar, Peter Owen-Jones, goes off to experience three different faiths, but the extreme edge of these faiths. So far, I have seen him follow an exhausting regime of learning kung-fu with Shaolin monks amongst the breath-takingly beautiful mountains of central China. He has also travelled through India, getting stoned with some scary looking holy leaders, and living like a hermit as a Hindu holy man in a remote village, earning dysentery for his troubles. There's one more episode to come, based in Egypt.

But it did make me think. Why not have Extreme Teacher? I'd be up for it. Moaning secondary school teacher, disillusioned with loads of crap, is made to reconsider how bloody lucky they are when faced with three extreme teaching situations: perhaps an inner-city U.S. school where daily routines involve siege practice; a refugee camp in somewhere remote yet scenic (hey, we have viewers to please, no?); a new girls' school in Afghanistan...

The only real and present danger I'm currently in is drowning in all the marking I currently can't keep up with. I need a change of scene.

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