Thursday, 24 January 2008

What's in your briefcase?

For some reason I had a flashback today to the day I had my interview for my current job. Interviews are not the most pleasant of days, especially when you are thrown into the staffroom for hours on end to sit amongst the existing staff, who are checking you out, and your rivals who may well be doing their best to undermine you.

But there was one moment of light relief in the day. It was lunchtime, and after a soggy sandwich from the canteen we had been dumped in the staffroom again. I was leafing through some notes for want of something to do, when I noticed a lone teacher - a man of a certain age - flick open the brass catches on his hard briefcase. I took a peek inside to see what was in there, because I'm nosey like that, and had to stifle a laugh when he pulled out a mug and a tea bag from an otherwise empty case.

I realise now he must have been a supply teacher, sitting on his own and guarding his mug in his case, but at the time I did wonder what kind of freaks were working at this school...

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