Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Gulags for all!

Awww, you can tell it's nearly Christmas, because the Senior Management Team have given us all presents. I bet they had to think really hard about the something special that we all wanted, and sent out spies to peer at our desks and see what we liked to collect the most. And it looked like the spies did a good job, because we've all been given some more forms, to go with the sets we already have. How thoughtful.

And to make it extra special, these forms are not intended to report on the pupils, or our schemes of work revisions, or mock exam data, or anything like that. Oh no, these forms are a chance for us to write about ourselves! They are in fact self-criticisms, sheets for us to confess how often we don't finish our lessons with plenaries or adhere to the totalitarian regime of Assessment For Learning. So I am currently waiting for the school's own Chairman Mao to yoink me out of my classroom and stand me in front of a committee or firing squad until I can prove my innocence in 2007's AFL cultural revolution.

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