Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A merry Christmas present to me!

'Tis the season to be jolly, and very jolly I should be feeling too, for (a) there are less than three weeks until we break up for Christmas (13 working days to be precise, 8 working days plus 5 days of films, quizzes, concerts and chocolate to be even more precise), and (b) I took an executive decision as the one and only Ranting Teacher of nearly five years' worth of moaning - the decision to "get with the program": the blogging program that is, and use somebody else's formatting to save me squinting at html code to update my own site - which I haven't done in a long, long while now.

So a little present to myself - a tiny corner of blogspot, which I shall link to from my existing website until it falls over from the weight of non-conformity to the bastions of web standards, whoever and wherever they may be.

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North Northwester said...

Hello Ranting Teacher.

I have recently posted a link to your blog on my own new blog here.


I have included a tiny comment about my perception of your activities for my readers.

Please take a look at it if you wish. Please let me know if you do not like the neighbourhood or the company your site is keeping on my blog and wish me to remove it for any reason, or tell me about any changes you want me to make in the my introductory text or the classification of your work. I aim to please.

My email is Britaincando at yah00 dot c0 d0t uk

My blog is intended to highlight problems in our country’s public and private life and to show people where like-minded citizens and neighbours are working to make things better.

It’s non-partisan and works in a positive, ‘can do’ spirit. Its overall ‘editorial policy’ is one which celebrates Britain’s past good achievements while by no means excusing its many faults, and it especially (but not exclusively) favours campaigns which use and celebrate Britain’s political tradition of freedom under the rule of law, piecemeal change, and which extol and expect personal responsibility from its inhabitants.

As I work for government and government is so often criticised in my blogs I publish under the name of North Northwester. Reciprocal links are always welcome, but I don’t insist – if I didn’t think your work was important, I wouldn’t have publicised it.

Whether you wish your link to stay here or tell me to remove it, I wish you good fortune and the best of success with your efforts.


North Northwester.