Thursday, 20 December 2007

So far?

So here we are then. Just one more working day of this year - well, at school anyway. I know I've got three carrier bags of books waiting by my desk to bring home tomorrow, so that's something to look forward to. And what will tomorrow bring? Over-excited children, rampaging around corridors, floors awash with sweet wrappers and Christmas card envelopes, and a good couple of hours of keeping the pupils contained while they're in no mood to work - or sit, for that matter. Then there is the carol service, which could be so lovely, but usually ends up with the head teacher hollering at anyone who dares to shuffle in their seat during the hour's service.

Today though, I have laughed. Even at 9am my Year 8 class were hyperactively over the top, and took their quiz way too seriously, with some massive sulking and jeering going on - it was like being down the local pub's quiz league. But even I have been infected with end of term fever, to the extent that come lunchtime when I'm normally running around or running a club, I just couldn't be arsed to do a thing. It was great.

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