Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Scottish 6th formers on grass! etc!

I just wanted to get in with the most obvious headline first when I read about a sixth-form prank in Scotland:

The entire sixth year of a school was sent home on their last day after pupils turfed over the floor of their common room.
Teachers at Banchory Academy took the step after it was discovered some pupils had been drinking.
Aberdeenshire Council said it was decided to send all 100 pupils home.
A spokesman said there were concerns about disruption to exams taking place in the school. One 17-year-old pupil was charged with breach of the peace.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah we had a glass of champagne. And I don't see how a prank like that was going to affect the exams - they're held on the other side of the school. Bascially, major overeaction by the school :(