Monday, 19 May 2008

The truths about job hunting

1. It’s incredibly difficult to get an interview if you have passed over the threshold on the pay scale.

2. It’s absolutely draining: from the repetitive form-filling to the same phone call home every day enquiring about the post, just in case.

3. But like the child who continues to chew gum every lesson, even though he is reprimanded every time, until he eventually gets away with it… if you send enough applications off, and widen your radius, and cross off the criteria you’d carefully put on your list of desirable attributes of potential new employers… you will eventually get an interview! Hooray!

4. And then the nerves really kick in, along with self-doubt, and the frustrating knowledge that you could do the job well, but you just don’t do interviews very well.

5. The traumas of the interview day are documented elsewhere. And it’s all too recent and raw for me to re-live here. But after what is now months of anxiety, I can finally announce: I have a new job! More hooray! Well, same job, different faces and places…

And the wishful thinking would be that a new job won’t give any cause for ranting… but the chances of that…?


Mr E said...

Congratulations! I knew you'd get a job in the end - who could resist such an eloquenty-spoken and frequent funny-maker such as you?

Hope it all turns out well for you in September :)

Ranting Teacher said...

*Blush* Thank you very much, but in real life I'm probably a really boring beggar!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I read your blog as often as I can, and am also guilty of reading the archive on the old site too, which was hilarious, so I feel now that I know you well enough to be very pleased for you having got a new job.

(I'm still trying to work out what subject you teach!)

Ranting Teacher said...

Thank you! And I'm glad I still exude an air of mystery about something...! :)