Saturday, 12 April 2008

Back to the Old School 3

The Ranting Teacher Five Year Retrospective

This is the middle entry for today’s blogging. I’m writing five entries today, because the concept of Ranting Teacher started out on the Internet five years ago this very day, so five is the magic number!

I’ve been looking back over my original website at what was bothering me five years ago. And in doing so I’ve noticed that my posts broadly fall into three different categories: those concerning the pupils, those about their parents, and the rants about my colleagues.

The parents! you may well exclaim. Why yes, why should we not attribute some blame to those who spawn some of the little buggers we have to put up with all day? And sometimes the parents are far worse than their poor long-suffering kids.

For example, I wrote about the Road Rage I felt when parents blocked the roads and caused hazards not only for their darling children trying to reach the school gates safely, but also for me as I battled to beat the buses onto the premises in the morning.

Then I ranted about the parents who encourage their kids to be little shits because it’s some sort of revenge for their own failed school days. And just over four years ago it was time to catalogue the different types of parents who turned up for Parents’ Evenings, from the aggressive and trailer trash types to the nervous parents and those parents about whom you know way too much.

You can read more about all of these at my original website, whilst marvelling at its glorious html technicolour, at Ranting Teacher.

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