Friday, 11 April 2008

Because I'm a ranting whinger...

Five things that annoyed me this week

1. Learning that there is an acronym for an affliction I have had – IMOS. Apparently you are an IMOS if you are heard to start a sentence with, “In my old school…”. I don’t do this so much now that my old school is a distant memory, but I’m sure when I first started at my current place I was always doing it. Cringe!

2. Teachers who leave their rubbish in my room – yes, I’m going to get possessive about this, but really it could be in any room. This week I have had a plastic cup with some water left in it which inevitably ended up spilt by a child before I had a chance to scoop it into a sink and bin; various worksheets; and an empty sandwich pack on my desk. I’m grateful for all the left pens though.

3. Thinking I’d found a really good affordable holiday for the summer then realising it leaves the day before we break up.

4. Not having a single acknowledgement from schools that I’ve applied to for a new job, even though I’ve enclosed a stamped addressed envelope that they only have to stick into the “outgoing mail” tray. It takes a long while to fill out application forms and tailor statements and letters, and that’s after the preparatory research into the school. To invest that much time and energy into something and then not even hear a “no thank you” let alone a “yes please” is frustrating and disappointing. I’m beginning to stalk the postman too…

5. That I still allow myself to get annoyed over petty things rather than the important stuff in life. And that I feel I can’t stop being annoyed until I’ve bored everyone else whinging about it. So I’ll shut up now… :/

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