Saturday, 12 April 2008

Back to the Old School 4

The Ranting Teacher Five Year Retrospective

Five years ago, Ranting Teacher was born. I’ve been looking back to see what I was whinging about back then, and if much has changed in that time. This is my fourth of five entries for today, and it’s time to see what I was saying about the kids themselves back then.

They might have wound me up, lied to me, and not listened to a word I said, but sometimes they did make me laugh. I’d forgotten about the boy who ignored my careful instructions for his homework that he was supposed to copy down into his homework diary, and instead just wrote: “Do crappy homework by next Tuesday”. Then there was the boy who was supposed to be engaged in some meaningful paired discussion but instead was telling his small audience about his dad’s porn collection stashed in his wardrobe, unaware I could hear the whole conversation, and that it was all I could picture the next time I met his parents.

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