Monday, 14 April 2008

Random Pupil Generator

I saw a question on a discussion board that asked if anyone had a Random Pupil Generator. My mind actually boggled. What was this? A machine that can generate a pupil at any time, any place? How random would this pupil actually be? Would he stand there, befuddled, clutching a guitar or test tube, having been summoned from another lesson into mine? Or would she be an amalgamation of pupils, with the head of one vaguely recognisable pupil and the uniform of a rival school? I had to read on, as you can imagine.

What I discovered was no less amazing, although far more credible and practical. It's actually called a Random Name Picker, and is a fruit machine (or typewriter for those, I suppose, in religious schools where gambling is frowned upon) into which you can copy a class list or any old list of words. The machine then generates a highlighted name at random. Genius! I've just got to figure out how you can save one of your lists now...

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