Friday, 11 April 2008

On a lighter note: my April Fools joke

We were on holiday for April Fool's Day this year (thank goodness - the humiliation of sitting on a whoopee cushion still resonates...). But then today I was having a bit of a spring clean of the piles of paperwork that somehow accumulate on my desk, in drawers, and stuffed into filing cabinets.

I kept coming across surplus "Little Visitor" leaflets. I don't know if these are common place amongst schools, but every time a kid has got nits, a batch of these leaflets get photocopied and sent home. My form are now wise to these, and whenever the "Little Visitor" leaflets appear, they still start to squeal and scratch and start witch-hunts over who has got nits. But there's usually at least two or three people away from my form each time the leaflets come out, and so today I found myself with a surplus as I threw out the rubbish amongst my paperwork.

So this afternoon, at registration, I casually distributed the leaflets as they came in the door, and a typical response was, "Woss 'is? Urghhhhhhhh! Oo's gor nits? Ohmigod tha's disGUSTin'" and so on for a good five minutes before I confessed it was a joke - but even then they weren't all convinced. Well it made me laugh anyway.

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