Saturday 15 December 2007

Armstrong and Miller

I've only just started watching a comedy sketch show called The Armstrong and Miller Show, but am really enjoying it. One of the sketches is based on those Teacher Recruitment adverts I have discussed before on my original website and I've found some links on You Tube, so that I've got them all in one place to laugh at time and time again, and I hope you enjoy too. As Homer (Simpson, not the Greek guy) says: "It's funny 'cos it's true"...

13 weeks of holiday a year
Party has to end sometime
We'll square it with the Abbey
Last Resort
Take it out on the kids

While I was on You Tube I found another funny teacher sketch they did, but watch out because this one contains strong language... and so does this one, which is nothing like me at all... hahaha.

More about The Armstrong and Miller Show from the BBC.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I've just started getting into those Armstrong and Miller sketches on YouTube and I found this entry when Googling "Armstrong and Miller Be a teahcer (sic)". I was wondering if you could pass me the link of your entry on the original ads that are parodied...