Tuesday 4 December 2007

The Cover Supervisor

Like many schools, we seem to have solved the problem of no longer being able to force teachers to take too many cover lessons by employing an unqualified and semi-illiterate Cover Supervisor to take the lessons.

Fortunately the kids love her and so rarely play her up the way they do the daily supply teachers. She has low expectations and sets minimal work so spends her time showing the kids her tattoos. Therefore she is officially cool.

Her main lesson idea seems to be for the kids to make up raps. The other day I walked in on a history lesson she was covering, to find the children rapping about the holocaust. I’m no specialist, but I’m not sure how appropriate that is, actually. Another favourite seems to be the acrostic poem solution, where you have a key word you write vertically on the board, and each line of the poem has to start with a letter of the key word. Fine for something like “CHRISTMAS”, or "HOLLY":

Hooray our teacher's off today
On some dull course
Lucky us we have not much to do
Like make up really crap poems that are supposed to be about
Yule. Whatever that is.

...but a bit buttock-clenching when you see “GENOCIDE” left up on your board. I think the first line started with “Germans…” but it was like one of those car-crash scenarios where you prefer just to look away if you’re squeamish…

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