Wednesday 19 December 2007

Cleaning out my closet

Some of the random stuff I found in my classroom cupboard while clearing it out today:
  • 40 year old dust on a pile of old books last used in 1960-something;
  • a bunch of coursework from a class from a few years back who were the biggest pains in the butt - and I really enjoyed shredding that lot!
  • a folder full of newspaper articles I'd collected that I thought I could use in my lessons but never did, and instead they now look dated and irrelevant;
  • some of my PGCE-year resources that I've never been able to use again because the curriculum changed soon after;
  • a set of Year 7 exercise books belonging to some of the students who are now in my Year 11 class, which made me smile because their work was so lovely back then... as opposed to now...!
  • several umbrellas that for some reason have been chucked in there over the past few months;
  • a big bag of coloured paper and pens that I'd forgotten about and which the school could never afford to buy now, so I'm going to have to hide and ration it all out very carefully.

And that was the most interesting part of my day.

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