Friday, 14 December 2007

TFI Friday Evening

Today started off well. I had prepared a lesson so tight that it was like a straight-jacket the minute they walked through the doors begging to make Christmas cards instead of work (this was Year 11). There was no room for nonsense, and they actually learnt stuff, which is my little seasonal gift to them. Well, they aren't getting chocolate: this group has too many allergies and the epi-pens are kept too far away from my room.

The next lesson was similar in keeping a lid on things... and then it all went downhill from there. Manic children pounded the lessons at break and lunchtime, and even during lessons when I suppose some gullible supply teacher believed forged notes to go here or there. There were fights and pushing and shouting and non-stop attempts to wind me up.

The only relief was when a special needs group reminded me I'd promised them a DVD as a treat, which was true but I'd just forgotten, and so for about forty minutes there was sweet silence as they savoured their reward for so much hard work and good behaviour. And then the bell rang and the next bunch of rowdy hooligans barged their way through the door... Why is it that those who proclaim to hate school the most are always there right up to the last minute? Don't they realise this is prime truancy time? or is it just too bloody cold to hang around bus shelters at this time of year?

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